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Het Slam Team

Het Slam Team

Foto: Dries Talloen

Naam: Fabian Lopera

  • Woonplaats: Gent
  • Leeftijd: 18
  • Stance: Goofy
  • Sponsors: Slam Skateshop
  • Local skatepark: Blaarmeersen (Gent)
  • Signature trick: Fronside Flip
  • Go-to set-up: Mob Griptape, Primitive Deck, Ace Trucks, Fast Wheels, Diamond Bearings
  • Favoriete skate shoe: Adidas Superstar
  • Favoriete skateboarder: Kevin Bradley
  • Favoriete skate video/video part: Nike SB 'Chronicles Vol. 2': Shane O’Neill
  • Favoriete song: Nymano – Jazz & Rain
  • Park of street?: Street
  • Skate crew: Slam Crew & BLM Gang
  • Levensmotto/levenswijsheid: Leef je droom, droom niet je leven.


Foto: Dries Talloen

Naam: Fidel Storme

  • Woonplaats: Drongen
  • Leeftijd: 20
  • Stance: Regular
  • Sponsors: Slam skateshop
  • Local skatepark: Blaarmeersen (Gent)
  • Signature trick: Hardflip, Impossible
  • Go-to set-up: FA Deck, Ace Trucks, Bones Wheels, Cortina Bearings
  • Favoriete skate shoe: Adidas Tyshawn
  • Favoriete skateboarder: Louie Lopez, Nassim Guammaz, Oski
  • Favoriete skate video/video part: Can’t choose
  • Favoriete song: Jimi Hendrix – Bold As Love
  • Park of street?: Street
  • Skate crew: The homies, Slam family
  • Levensmotto/levenswijsheid: Skate and Destroy.


Naam: Jef Ben Abdeljelil

  • Woonplaats: Aalst
  • Leeftijd: 24
  • Stance: Goofy
  • Sponsors: Slam Skateshop
  • Local skatepark: Betong (Aalst)
  • Signature trick: People’s choice
  • Go-to set-up: Hockey 8.5 Deck, Independent Trucks, Spitfire Wheels
  • Favoriete skate shoe: Nike SB Blazer, Vans Old Skool
  • Favoriete skateboarder: Nope
  • Favoriete skate video/video part: Alien Workshop ‘Mind Field’
  • Favoriete song: Mazzy Star
  • Park of street?: Street with the crew
  • Skate crew: Fourthree
  • Levensmotto/levenswijsheid: Live & Let Live.


Foto: Thairon Vandenhove

Naam: Christian Castanea

  • Woonplaats: The World
  • Leeftijd: 26
  • Stance: Regular
  • Sponsors: Slam Skateshop, Riverslide Skatepark, Pumato Barrio Skate
  • Local skatepark: Riverslide Skatepark (Melbourne, Australië)
  • Signature trick: Inward Heelflip Manual
  • Go-to set-up: Mob Griptape, 8.125 Slam Deck, 149 Independent Trucks, 52mm Bones Wheels, Bones Reds Bearings
  • Favoriete skate shoe: Vans Chima
  • Favoriete skateboarder: Blake Harris & Sam Owbridge (AU), Tiago Lemos (BR), Bryan Herman (US) & Jonathan Vlerick (BE)
  • Favoriete skate video/video part: Lakai ‘Fully Flared’
  • Favoriete song: Dope Lemon – Uptown Folks
  • Park of street?: Street, solo calle!
  • Skate crew?: One in each country
  • Levensmotto/levenswijsheid: To be kind to everyone, to try to be best version of myself, to always be grateful for everything, even the small things, to love and respect everyone, to keep the vibe up and to skate until your body can’t handle it anymore and to always grab a cold one to celebrate the good times.


Foto: Dries Talloen

Naam: Gilles Vandenborre

  • Woonplaats: Machelen (Zulte)
  • Leeftijd: 33
  • Stance: Regular
  • Sponsors: Slam Skateshop
  • Local skatepark: Luxaplast (Kortijk), Briel & Blaarmeersen (Gent)
  • Signature trick: Noseslide Nollie Kickflip
  • Go-to set-up: 8.125/8.25 Primitive/Habitat Deck, 144 Independent Trucks, 52mm Bones/Spitfire Wheels
  • Favoriete skate shoe: Nike SB Shane
  • Favoriete skateboarder: Austyn Gillette & Bobby Dekeyzer
  • Favoriete skate video/video part: Emerica ‘Green’: Jon Dickson
  • Favoriete song: Can’t choose
  • Park of street?: Street
  • Skate crew: Vince (together, we are working on something) and Manu, Slam Family and a little shout out at the boys from Deinze (if they feel like skating)
  • Levensmotto/levenswijsheid: Just Have Fun.


Foto: Dries Talloen

Naam: Vincent Vaneeckhaute

  • Woonplaats: Deinze
  • Leeftijd: 35
  • Stance: Regular
  • Sponsors: Slam Skateshop, Atees Design
  • Local skatepark: Skatepark Deinze, Luxaplast (Kortrijk), Blaarmeersen (Gent)
  • Signature trick: Nollie Heelflip Nose Manual Nollie Kicklip out
  • Go-to set-up: Primitive Deck, Independent Trucks, Spitfire Wheels, Bones Bearings, Diamond Hardware
  • Favoriete skate shoe: Nike SB Shane
  • Favoriete skateboarder: TJ Rogers
  • Favoriete skate video/video part: Transworld ‘Modus Operandi’
  • Favorite song: Too many to mention
  • Park of street: Street
  • Skate crew: Anybody who is down to skate!
  • Levensmotto/levenswijsheid: Respect! Do what you love or what makes you happy!


Foto: Dries Talloen

Naam: Slick (Manuel)

  • Woonplaats: Gent
  • Leeftijd: 43
  • Stance: Goofy
  • Sponsors: Slam Skateshop, Vans
  • Local skatepark: Blaarmeersen (Gent)
  • Signature trick: Manual/Slappy combinations
  • Go-to set-up: Primitive 8.0 Deck, Independent 139 Mid Trucks, 52mm Spitfire Tablet Wheels, Bones Bearings, Diamond Hardware, Slider Rails
  • Favoriete skate shoe: Vans
  • Favoriete skateboarder: Daewon Song
  • Favoriete skate video/video part: Any Daewon Song part
  • Favoriete song: Party songs; dansen met de oogjes dicht!
  • Park of street?: Park, street als het bijna perfect is
  • Skate crew?: Alle positieve skaters
  • Levensmotto/levenswijsheid: Happy Skateboarding!

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